Services & Policies - Fall 1993

News From The Media Resources Collection

The Media Resources Collection offered several new services to the University community during the past year. For the first time, the collection became a browsable one with users being able to select materials from the shelves without having them paged. MRC personnel, Karen Heckman, Bettiann Flanagan, and Bud Hennigan report an approximate 15 percent increase in the number of patrons using the facilities. Course reserve services were implemented during the Spring semester to make access to heavily used materials easier. In cooperation with Kaplan Educational Services, the Media Resources Collection also served students from area colleges and universities preparing for the MCATs and LSATs by housing review materials for those courses being conducted here on campus.
Over 400 titles have been added to the Media Resources Collection in the past year. All departments have been active in recommending items for purchase, especially Chemistry, English, History, Human Resources, Communication, Foreign Languages, Nursing, Sociology, Theology, and Education. Some of the more noteworthy acquisitions include Destinos, a Spanish language series, Making Sense of the Sixties, The Machine that Changed the World, and the Columbus series.
New equipment in the Media Resources Collection area includes a laser disc player which is able to accommodate compact or laser discs in varying sizes. This fall we are adding a mini-scan 16 mm movie viewer which will be less noisy and disruptive to other users in the area.
Margaret Craft
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