Services & Policies - Fall 1993

Library Surveys Students

Since the development of the core book collection is intended to satisfy undergraduate students' needs, their feedback is an important part of the process. A survey was distributed and completed by students during preregistration. The process was coordinated by Joyce Hanks, Ph.D., chair of the Library Advisory Subcommittee for Collection Development. A preliminary review of student responses indicates that this survey will prove to be a valuable source of information not only for the core undergraduate collection development project but for anecdotal information about student use and perceptions of the library in general. Among the comments were requests for updated materials, specific titles, specific editions, and general resources to support research topics. To maximize the analysis of the information, processing of the surveys as a faculty/student Computer Science project was proposed at the May, 1993, meeting of the Library Advisory Committee.
Survey results were obtained from undergraduate students and Dexter Hanley students. Graduating seniors were given copies of the survey as they picked up their caps and gowns. A method for obtaining similar information from graduate students is in the planning stage.
Surveys and a survey return box are available at the Library Attendants. desk on the first floor.
Bonnie Strohl
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