Clearances for Undergraduate CHS Students

Click here to watch a "how-to" tutorial video on ordering clearances from Castle Branch.

Using a cell phone or a scanner will allow you to create PDFs for submission to Taskstream.  Cam Scanner for both iPhones and Androids is an app that can simplify the process.  Click here for general instructions about Cam Scanner.

You are required to have the following valid clearances:
(links will take you to appropriate websites)

Fingerprints: IdentoGO will email you a link; be sure to save the document; the link works ONE time only

Reminder:  clearances are valid for one year from the date on the document.

Depending on your field site, you may also be required to complete a 10-panel drug screen (UM54dt)

You will need to use package code UM54 to begin the process of applying for your clearances and completing your requirements via

If you are a returning student and need to order a recheck package, use code UM54r.

Click here to begin the process of application at

You can contact CastleBranch with questions by clicking here.

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