Suggested Time Table for Student Teachers

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The following time table is only a guide. Details will vary with the context and district policy. The student teacher, cooperating teacher, and university supervisor should work together to come to an agreement regarding a schedule and work plan that is most appropriate for the individual situation.

Week 1-2

Observations and lessons begin

  • Get to know names, schedules, curriculum, accommodations and adaptations, etc.
  • Observe cooperating teacher and other building teachers / classes
  • Assist with activities as the CT leads
  • Assist with non-teaching activities
  • With CT’s guidance, plan to teach several lessons by week 2

Week 3-4

25% - 50% of all duties carried out

Week 5-6

60% - 80% of all duties carried out

  • Videotape a lesson (recommended for all; required for NYS certification)
  • Take the lead in planning, teaching, and assessing

Week 7-8

Full-time teaching and assumption of all non-teaching duties

Week 9-10-11

Continued full-time teaching and assumption of all non-teaching duties

Week 12

Transition back to cooperating teacher