Role of the Content Supervisor

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The content supervisor functions in the capacity of a consultant in the area of his or her specialty. The duty of the content area supervisor is to verify that the content being taught by the student teacher is valid. The input of the content supervisor is one source of information that the university supervisor uses to compose grades in “Planning” and in “Instruction” (areas that reflect content knowledge).

Responsibilities of the Content Supervisor

  • Visit, observe, and confer with the student teacher on the validity and the organization of the subject matter as used by the student teacher in the classroom. This includes the student teacher’s knowledge of content, its adaptation to the class, and pedagogy pertinent to the content.
  • File reports on three observations of lessons taught by the student teacher. These visits are evenly-spaced throughout the semester, approximately every twenty school days, in order to observe the progress and growth of the student teacher. After each visit, the observation report is submitted to the university supervisor.
  • Conduct pre-observation conferences, if possible, to discuss the expectations that the student teacher has for the teaching of the lesson.
  • Confers with the student teacher following the lesson to discuss the lesson, to point out strengths and weaknesses of content knowledge, and to offer suggestions for improvement.
  • In case of an issue where content knowledge is weak, the content supervisor will notify the chair of the Education Department to discuss these matters
  • Submit visitation and mileage logs at the conclusion of the semester.