Defining Roles

Student Teaching Roles and Responsibilities Chart

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Role Description

Student Teacher

·         Functions as a representative of The University of Scranton and as a guest in the host school

·         Displays professional manner and positive working relationship within the assigned school

·         Submits complete lesson plans and accompanying materials to the cooperating teacher at least three days before the lesson is to be taught

·         Gradually assumes teaching and non-teaching duties as assigned by the cooperating teacher, teaching full-time for at least three (3) full weeks

·         Maintains confidentiality

·         Abides by all rules and requirements that apply to full-time faculty of the assigned school

·         Abides by all policies and procedures within The University of Scranton Student Teaching Handbook

·         Attends student teaching orientation meetings and weekly seminar meetings

·         Fulfills all program-specific requirements of student teaching

Cooperating Teacher

·         Provides the student teacher with a wide variety of learning and teaching opportunities

·         Mentors the student teacher

·         Observes and evaluates the student teacher

·         Reviews and approves lesson plans at least three days before the lesson is to be taught

·         Provides the student teacher with formal and informal feedback

·         Engages in at least four (4) formal lesson observations

·         Provides summary evaluations at both the mid-point of the semester and at the end of the experience, using given University-designed forms

·         Works closely with the university supervisor

·         Contacts the university supervisor if areas of concern are noted

University Supervisor

·         Acts as a liaison between the University of Scranton and the school setting

·         Visits the school site at least five (5) times during the 12-week student teaching assignment

·         Mentors the student teacher

·         Observes the student teacher and provides formal feedback at least four(4) times

·         Conducts weekly, on-campus seminar meetings for student teachers

·         Works closely with the cooperating teacher

·         Acts to maintain communication, problem-solve, and provide resources when problems arise

·         Acts to remove student teachers in accordance with criteria established in the handbook

·         Completes the PDE-430 evaluation at mid-semester and at the end of the semester

·         Confers with the cooperating teacher to determine the student teacher’s final grades in student teaching

Content Supervisor

·         Functions as a consultant in the area of his/her specialty

·         Observes and evaluates the secondary education student teacher on at least three occasions

·         Notifies both the university supervisor and education department chair if content knowledge is found to be weak

Director of Field Placement

·         Oversees student teaching placements

·         Oversees selection of cooperating teachers and university supervisors

·         Serves in an advisory role as the contact person for cooperating teachers, university supervisors, and student teachers

·         Maintains paperwork documenting completion of the student teaching experience

Department Chairperson

·         Is to be notified in the case of serious concern with student teaching