Research & Study Links

Research & Study Links

American History & Culture

        American History and American Studies Research Guide (Yale)
        American Women's History: A Research Guide
        Best of History Web Site
        Library of Congress
        National Archives
        National Register of Historic Places
        Smithsonian Institution
        U.S. Census Bureau
British History & Culture

        Britannia History
        British History (Univ. of Washington)
        British History (BBC)
        British History Online
        British History Research Guide (Yale) 
        Centre for Contemporary British History

Document Sources

        Avalon Project of Yale Law School - Document Source
        AmDocs - American History Documents   
        EuroDocs - European History Documents

French History & Culture

        Agence France-Presse
        France 2
        French History Research Guide (Yale) 
        French Studies Web

General History

        History Journals Index
        History Web Sites (Mega Search Engine) 
        H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online
        Internet Modern History Sourcebook
        Political Resources on the Net

Geography (mega site)
        Geography Network
        Research in Geography (Univ. of Texas)
        Resource Central: Geography

German History & Culture

        German History Research Guide
        German History Sources

International Studies

        Archives Made Easy    
        CIA World Factbook    
        Country Studies
        International Affairs Resources
        Making the History of 1989
        United Nations

Irish History & Culture

        Catholic Ireland 
        Government of Ireland Information 
        Irish Historical Studies 
        Irish History Online
        National Library of Ireland 
        The Royal Irish Academy 
        Women's History Association of Ireland

Italian History & Culture

        Italian Studies Web
        La Buvette
        La Repubblica
Latin American History & Culture

        Internet Resources for Latin America  
        Lanic (Latin American Network Information Center)
        Latin America Internet Resources 
        Latin World 

Local & State History

        Lackawanna Historical Society (alternate link)
        Pennsylvania State Archives 


        Historic Map Collection Maps

Professional Organizations in History & International Studies

        American Catholic Historical Association  
        American Historical Association (AHA)
        International Studies Association
        Organization of American Historians (OAH) 
        The Historical Association
        Western History Association (WHA)

Other References

        Catholic Encyclopedia
        European Commission