Suggested Coursework

Coursework is important in giving you the necessary academic and intellectual preparation for the rigors of veterinary study. It is therefore important to select courses that challenge your critical thinking abilities, and that give you the discipline to work in a challenging environment. However, there are some courses that are required by different schools that you should take prior to admission into a veterinary program. While the requirements differ, the list below outlines the most common requirements of many veterinary programs:

Courses that are required by many programs:

  •    General Biology (Bio 141/142)
  •    Genetics (Bio 260 and 260L)
  •    Microbiology (Bio 250 and 250L) Note: according to some of our veterinarian alumni, they find it very helpful in veterinary school and in clinical practice.
  •    Bio Stats (Bio 379) * Note: many programs require a mathematics-based statistics course. Math 204 fulfills this requirement, and Psych stats does not; however, it looks much better if you take Bio 379.

Courses that are highly recommended:
In the opinion of our students who are in veterinary programs, these courses deliver content and provide academic rigor that are helpful in their veterinary studies

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