Useful Hints

Here are some useful hints that may be helpful to you as you navigate your undergraduate experience here at the University of Scranton:
  • First and foremost, LOVE what you do here at the U. Enjoy your undergraduate days!!
  • Keep balance in your life. If you do too much shadowing or veterinary experience at the expense of your academics, this is not good.
  • Keep a dossier of all of your achievements, going all the way back to high school. Keep updating this dossier every time you do something new or different.
  • Keep in touch with all your former employers and doctors whom you shadow. Make sure that you have a good working relationship with them.
  • Select an academic advisor or a mentor that could really work with you and help you achieve your goals. You can switch academic advisors by following the procedure outlined on our Biology Department Website.
  • Space your coursework throughout your undergraduate years. Do NOT cram them all into one year!
  • Be realistic! If after your sophomore year, you are riding a 3.0 GPA, do the math – you REALLY think you can pull a 4.0 average all the way to the end? And even if you do, this only brings your GPA to 3.5… do you think this would be enough?
  • Learn from every experience that you have.
  • Be confident without being self-delusional.
  • If you are an underclassman: talk to our alumni and our upperclassmen. Do NOT listen to your classmates. Remember: NONE of them have gotten into veterinary medical programs.

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