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Behaviors of Concern

When displayed by a student, any one or more of the following behaviors indicate that the student might benefit from additional support and referral to the Student Behavioral Concern Committee ("SBCC"):

Academic Concern

  • Irregular class attendance and/or marked change in academic performance
  • Poor concentration and struggling with workload

Behavioral Concern

  • Refusal to comply with classroom rules or written codes of conduct
  • Aggressive or violent statements or behaviors
  • Statements of harm to self or others
  • Statements or behaviors reflecting a sense of worthlessness, hopelessness, and/or helplessness

Emotional Conern

  • Dramatic change in appearance
  • Complaints of no energy, sleep, or appetite change
  • Problem with self-motivation
  • Expression of emotions that are inappropriate to the context of the conversation

Social Concern

  • Indications of alcohol and/or other drug abuse
  • Self-deprivation and excessive self-criticism
  • Poor impulse control