The University of Scranton Strategic Plan

The University of Scranton Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2010-2015 Concludes, A New Chapter Begins

Colleagues and Friends:

In the fall and spring of 2013-2014, the Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Office, with the guidance, endorsement, and insights of the President, President’s Cabinet, and University Planning Committee (UPC), engaged in the development of a draft construct and content for the University’s next strategic plan for 2015-2020. This plan continues in the ambitious spirit of the 2010-2015 strategic plan - Go and Set the World on Fire - which drew to a close this past year. 

Following a second full year of development, refinement, and robust review and discussion of the new strategic plan draft, I am delighted that the final plan was approved unanimously and enthusiastically by the University's Board of Trustees at their meeting on May 8, 2015.

The fruit of our labors is a new strategic plan for The University of Scranton which is unique in both scope and focus. Analysis of strategic issues, challenges, and opportunities have identified a common commitment to the best possible student learning experience, and recognition that it is that experience that has the potential, above all else, to make the University distinctive. Such an experience is one that, furthering our Catholic, Jesuit mission, is Engaged, Integrated, and Global. It is on these three pillars, and in the spirit of our unique academic mission and vision, that the plan is constructed.

To provide a grounding structure for decision making related to our planning activities, we have also created a set of foundational institutional planning principles. These principles, within the scope of our Catholic, Jesuit mission, articulate our commitment to responsible stewardship of our resources and to continuous improvement, both of which are essential to our ability to create a sustainable environment for the engaged, integrated, and global student experience. 

Click here to view The University of Scranton Plan: An Engaged, Integrated, Global Student Experience.

As the Middle States Commission on Higher Education rolls out new accreditation standards, under which the University will fall for its 2018-2019 self-study, we have paid careful attention to the Commission's expectations for institutional planning, and are making conscious choices about our new strategic plan and related processes to be sure we are able to meet them.  A particular focus is creating the necessary alignment between planning and assessment. As our refined student learning assessment program continues to evolve, creating the structures and processes needed to create connections between assessment findings and opportunities for institutional improvement remains paramount. A balanced scorecard methodology will be used to articulate other essential implementation details, including resource needs and assessment activities, for the plan’s goals. These scorecards will serve as critical tools to assist us in monitoring our progress over the lifespan of the plan.

So many voices came together in developing this plan, and I look forward to the engagement of so many more as we undertake its many exciting initiatives. As the University's President, Rev. Kevin Quinn, S.J., remarked in a campus-wide communication in May, "The document that we have created together expresses our hopes and dreams for The University of Scranton and answers any who might wonder if Scranton is up to the many challenges that face higher education into the future. Our hard work now is to put the plan into action."

As we ready ourselves to fully unveil the plan this fall, much information will be shared via this web site, and other targeted communications and events. I invite you to share your thoughts along the way by emailing


Dr. Donald Boomgaarden, Ph.D., Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs