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Comparative Criminal Justice  (5th edition) 
(with J. S. Albanese) Cengage Publishing Available January 2013

With its innovative topical approach, bestselling COMPARATIVE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEMS, 5e offers a comprehensive analysis as it compares the various criminal justice systems throughout the world using six model countries: China, England, France, Germany, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. The text illustrates the different types of law and justice systems while exploring the historical, political, economic, social, and cultural influences on each system. This unique approach examines important aspects of each type of justice system--common law, civil law, socialist law, and sacred (Islamic) law--to give students a thorough understanding of the similarities and differences of each system without overloading them with too much information. Completely up to date, the Fifth Edition includes the latest trends and issues in international juvenile justice, policing, and terrorism, including expanded coverage of such high-profile topics as human trafficking, Internet pornography, identity theft, transnational policing, and more.

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Managing the Offender in the Community 
(with Todd R. Clear)

The following is the press release from Wadsworth-Thompson Publishing that describes Managing the Offender in the Community.

Wadsworth/Thompson Publishing would like to announce a groundbreaking community-based corrections book from Todd R. Clear and Harry R. Dammer has been published--in plenty of time for winter or spring classes. Clear and Dammer's "The Offender in the Community" is unlike any other book for the course. If you are looking for a book that is thoroughly modern, well-researched, and humanistic, you will want to take a serious look at this exciting new text.

Todd Clear, a leading authority on community corrections and future president of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, and Harry Dammer, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at The University of Scranton, bring a unique blend of research and classroom focus to the text. They offer a balanced, forward-thinking approach to community corrections, that covers far more than probation and parole. Your students will explore all of today's alternatives to instituti onalization, including electronic monitoring, house arrest, day-treatment, boot camps, and fines.

In addition, Clear and Dammer's new text is accompanied by a complete teaching and learning package that includes award-winning CD-ROMs, a wide range of videos, exciting Web support, and a full range of print materials.

Also available FREE to your students with your adoption of the text is four months access to InfoTrac College Edition, an online database of full-text articles from hundreds of scholarly and popular publications.

The re is so much more I could tell you about this modern new text, but why not see for yourself? To order a review copy, contact your Wadsworth-Thomson Learning representative. For additional information about this text, or to learn about other criminal justice texts available from Wadsworth, visit the Wadsworth Web Page at

For a comprehensive list of works by Dr. Harry R. Dammer, see his vita.