Class Committee Guide

Thank you for volunteering to serve on your class committee.  The information below will help you get started.

  • Class Committee Meetings
    • Class Committee meetings are an opportunity for your committee to come together, discuss communication and Reunion planning. Prior to each meeting your staff liaison will distribute a meeting reminder and agenda. After each meeting minutes and a “to do” list will be sent.

      Most class committee meetings are held via teleconference. Your staff liaison can book a time and date for your committee to use the conference line. Your liaison will also give you a number and password to dial into the call.

      Staff liaisons can also help you schedule a meeting on-campus. These meetings are often a fun way to reunite prior to Reunion.
  • Reunion Planning Resources
    • The Alumni Office has the following resources available to assist your committee:
      • Class contact lists
      • Teleconference or onsite meeting support
      • Printing and mailing services
      • Email design and distribution
      • Tools and training for developing a class website, online survey, or photo-sharing site
      For more information and samples of class committee projects visit the Volunteer Toolkit at
  • Reunion Promotions
    • It’s up to your committee to promote Reunion to your classmates, but you’re not alone. The University will also print and distribute the following promotions:

      Message Method
      October Save the Date Postal Service Letter
      November Save the Date The Scranton Journal
      November Planning to Attend? Emails
      February Make a Gift Postal Service
      March Reunion Brochure Postal Service
      March – June Reunion Registration Monthly Emails
      April Reunion The Scranton Journal
      May Make a Gift Postal Service

  • Reunion Timeline

  • Fall
    • The fall is a good time for your committee to hold its first meeting, determine individual responsibilities and expand the membership of the committee, if necessary. You should review the class list and yearbook and begin to formulate interpersonal and mass communication plans.
  • Winter
    • If your committee plans to hold an off-campus event on Friday of Reunion Weekend, the site should be determined early in the new year.

      By mid-January, your class committee will need to submit the text and pictures to be used in your class’s reunion brochure. You may also create the content of your first class email.

      By February, your class committee should have divided up your class list and begun making personal contacts. 

      In March, Reunion brochures are mailed, event promotions begin and event registration is available online. You should also have brainstormed ideas for your class dinner and should begin to execute projects to make it a memorable event.
  • Spring
    • Over the next few months your committee should continue to communicate with your classmates, focusing on who has not yet registered or made a gift. You should also work on event-related projects and begin to wrap them up by the end of May, specifically class dinner plans and requests for onsite technical support.
  • Post Reunion
    • A reunion survey is send to all alumni in your class.  Photos are also posted online and e-mailed to all attendees.
  • Additional Resources

  • 10 Habits of a Successful Class Committee
    • Click here to find out what easy steps you can take to form a successful class committee.