Information Update - Spring 1995

A Special Thanks to Our Friends

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of
the Friends of the Weinberg Memorial Library for their contributions to our Library.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Auriemma
and Family
Msgr. James M. Lowry
Mr. Ronald F. Balinese Mr. John P. Lukasik Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Basting
and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Lynett Jr.
and Family
Mr. Richard R. Bates Mr. Thomas J. Malosh
Mr. Charles A. Battenberg Mr. Tony Marinucci

Gary, Jean, Chris,
and Jeff Boam

Ms. Alice McAndrew
Mr. Austin Burke
and Family
Ms. Grace McTighe
Ms. Angela Colombo Dr. Frank A. Milani
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Conmy
and Family
Mrs. Regina Mira
Ms. Doris Conway Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Mumford, P.E.,
and Family
Dr. John Coolican
and Family
James and Diane Muniz
and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Al Craft
and Family
Dr. Louis and Mrs. Muriel Murphy
and Family
Mr. Robert Crisell Peter, Paul and Georgia Narsavage Family
Ms. H. Patricia Curran Mr. James A. Noone
Mr. Edward A. D'Agostino Mr. Francis 1. Pedicone
Rev. Richard L. Darling Ms. Tricia L. Pedicone
Mr. John Demark Mr. John V. E. Pieski, Esq.,
and Family
Mr. Robert J. Donovan Ms. Susan Pignatello
Mr. Edward A. Dougherty Ms. Gail Pletnick
Mr. Joseph Fennewald Mr. Dmitri A. Poukhovski
Ms. Sheila Ferraro Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Rosseau
Dr. David Friedrichs Dr. Nicholas D. Saccone
Mr. Ellison J. Funderburk Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Sack
and Family
Rabbi David Geffen Ms. Constance Sheils
Dr. Dada Germeroth Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Sheridan
and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Graf
and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Sheridan, C.P.A., and Family
Mr. Greg Gull Ms. Chris Sokolowski
Dr. P. John Hagan Mr. Vito Solazzo
Dr. Joyce Hanks and Mr. Bruce Robinson Mr. Cy Solomon
Ms. Elizabeth Hona Mrs. Seymour Stahller
Mr. Robert T. Kelly, C.P.A.,
and Family
Mr. and Mrs. William Steppacher Sr.
and Family
Mr. Robert T Kelly Jr., Esq.,
and Family
Rev. Howard Stringfellow
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kennedy
and Family
Dr. Delia Sumrall
Jim and Theresa Knipper
and Family
Dr. Gerald P. Tracy and Mrs. Mary B. Tracy and Family
Ms. Meredith M. Koons Rev. Arthur W. Turfa
Mr. Charles E. Kratz Jr. Mr. Jack Walsdorf
Ms. Lois Kitsch Ms. Alberta M. Walsh
M. and Neela Lakshmanan
and Family
Judge James J. Walsh and Family
Mr. Alfred W. LaLuna Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weinschenk
and Family
Dr. Paul A. and Theresa La Nunziata Mr. Roy E. Whitman
Mr. Michael D. La Rue Mr. C. Randolph Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Lewis
and Family
Rabbi Stephen Wylen
and Family
Mr. Matthew F. Loughney Mr. Richard A. Yarmey, Esq., and Family and all Gateway to the Future Donors
Pride, Passion, Promise: Experience Our Jesuit Tradition