Services & Policies - Spring 1994

Procedures For Purchase Of Media Materials

Since there have been a few questions about purchasing media materials, we would like to take this opportunity to review our policies and procedures. Requests for purchase of media should he sent for authorization either to the departmental library representative or the department chair, who then may forward them to the subject bibliographer in the Library or directly to the Media Resources Collection staff for purchase/previewing arrangements. Only authorized requests are considered. Requests should include the correct title, publisher or distributor, publisher's or distributor's address and telephone number, purchase price, and any printed information that may be appropriate. Media purchases are made throughout the year. To assure the availability of materials, it is suggested that orders be placed at least two months in advance of anticipated use. New media should be previewed if at all possible. Previewing assures film quality, timeliness, and appropriate content.
The Media Resources Collection staff is happy to arrange for previews of new media releases for faculty and staff consideration. To arrange for preview, contact Karen Heckman and provide her with the title, distributor, and any other appropriate information. Previews are sent on an "as available basis" which means they cannot he ordered for specific dates. Previews are often shipped free of charge for a limited time period; some distributors, however, charge for the preview. Should that be the case, 50 percent of the cost of the preview is charged to the requesting department. The MRC has a standard evaluation form to help formulate a decision to purchase.
Margaret Craft
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