Services & Policies - Spring 1994

Subcommittee To Review Access To Journals

A new subcommittee of the University's Library Advisory Committee was formed in November to review the journal collection system in the Weinberg Memorial Library. Chaired by Marian Farrell of the Nursing Department, committee members David Friedrichs, Yaodong Bi, Darla Germeroth, Jane Wang, Margaret Craft, Charles Kratz, Bonnie Strohl, Charles Pinches, Merrill Adams and Betsey Moylan met in January to discuss possible solutions to the rising cost of journal subscriptions and copyright compliance.
An orientation program for library representatives was held on Feb. 11. Representatives shared their departments' methods for journal selection and renewal while library staff acquainted them with criteria for evaluation, such as indexing, rates of inflation, pricing, local holdings listings, and availability through CARL, FAXON Finder, ILL or UMI. Betsey Moylan, reference coordinator, demonstrated the CARL/Uncover System and Bonnie Strohl, assistant director for public services, discussed pricing of several new document delivery services. Jane Wang, publications librarian, provided a timetable for departmental review of journals for 1994-95 renewals.
Betsey Moylan
Pride, Passion, Promise: Experience Our Jesuit Tradition