Research Tools - Spring 1994

Internet Guides At Library

Are you puzzled about what's available through Internet or how to access it? Some of the following publications available at the Library may be able to help you.
Derry, Daniel P. The Internet Guide for New Users. McGraw-Hill, 1994.

On Order
  • Directory of Electronic Journals, Newsletters, and Academic Discussion Lists. Washington: Association of Research Libraries; Office of Scientific and Academic Publishing, 1992. REF Z 6951 .D625 1992
  • Frey, Donalyn !%@:: A Directory of Electronic Mail Addressing & Networks. O'Reilly & Associates, 1993. REF HE 6239 .E54F731990
  • Krol, Ed. The Whole Internet: User's Guide and Catalog. Sebastopol, Calif.: O'Reilly & Associates, 1993. TK 5105.875.157 K86 1993
  • Lane, Elizabeth S. and Craig Summerhill. Internet Primer for Information Professionals: A Basic Guide to Internet Networking Technology. Westport. CT: Meckler, 1993. TK 5105.875 .157 L35 199.3
  • Levine. John R. The Internet for Dummies. IDG Books, 1993. On Order
  • NYSERNet: A New User's Guide to Useful and Unique Resources on the Internet, Version 2.3. Syracuse: NYSERNet, 1992. REF TK 5105.875 .157 N9 1992
  • On Internet '94: An International guide to Electronic Journals, Newsletters, Texts, Discussions Lists ... On the Internet. Edited by Tony Abbott. Mecklermedia, 1994. REF TK 5105.875 .157 1585 1994
  • Tennant, Roy et al. Crossing the Internet Threshold: An Instructional Handbook. Berkeley, Calif: Library Solutions Press, 1993. TK 5105.875 .157 T46199.3
Also, the Library has recently started a subscription to a periodical called Internet World, a bimonthly magazine and review for Internet. users.
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