Services & Policies - Fall 2011

Wired and Plugged In

To improve access to computers and management of wiring in the second floor computer lab, the library has reconfigured the counters in this area. This project coincided with recarpeting this area. By changing the shape of the center island from a donut to a capital I, there is more room for moving chairs and walking around in this lab. The chairs in the area will be replaced to make the area more comfortable (and attractive).
To increase the number of outlets for students to plug in or recharge their laptops, the tables on the second floor will be equipped with outlets. Outlets have been added to the walls on either side of the reference desk. Outlets have also been added to the pillars that were exposed by removal of more rows of shelving for bound journals in the first-floor 24-hour study room.
Bonnie Strohl
Pride, Passion, Promise: Experience Our Jesuit Tradition