Services & Policies - Fall 2010

More of a Good Thing: Additional 24-Hour Study Space

While some may think that having a wealth of materials online, accessible from any place with an internet connection, would result in fewer visits to the library, the use of the Weinberg Memorial Library as a place is in increasing demand. This summer, students' demands for more 24-hour space were met with the construction of a second 24-hour space in the library. The demand for more 24-hour access was voiced both by Student Government in 2008 and in open-ended responses to the 2009 administration of the LibQual+™ Survey.
The new space was created by placing volumes of bound journals that are available full-text online in basement storage. The remaining volumes were shifted to create ranges of empty shelves in the front and back of the first-floor bound journals area. Empty shelves were dismantled. The freed space will be used to create more table and lounge seating. All furniture that is selected for the area has two objectives: built-in electric outlets and mobility so that seating can be reconfigured for group or individual study. This new space will provide group study rooms and open seating for approximately 90 people once it is fully furnished.
During the day, access will be through the archway by the Circulation Desk. After hours, a gate will close off this access, and stairwell doors on the back staircase will be locked so that only the emergency exit will be accessible through the stairway. A new external door from the Commons will have a RoyalCard swipe for after-hours entrance. The same newly created door will be the exit from the room when the rest of the Library is closed.
The Pro Deo Room is equipped as a computer laboratory. The new 24-hour room is designed as a quiet study space with some computers and outlets to plug in personal laptops. Look for pictures of the new space on the library's blog Infospot@WML
The library is always interested in hearing from users on how we can improve the facility, resources and programs. Please email me with your suggestions (
Bonnie Strohl
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