Events & Exhibits - Fall 2005

Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence 2005-2006 Opportunities for Faculty and Students

The Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence (CTLE) will be hosting several events for faculty during the fall 2005 semester. The Provost's Office in conjunction with the CTLE will sponsor for the third year the "Faculty Advancement Series" for full-time faculty. This series highlights keynote speakers who discuss pedagogical issues to enhance teaching and learning. The CTLE also will host an "Instructional Technology Series" to address how faculty can integrate technology into their courses. In addition to the Instructional Technology Series, there will be informal "Lunch and Learn" instructional technology sessions that address practical applications of technology to enhance teaching. Several intensive "Blackboard Workshops" will be offered to faculty in the fall. Please visit the CTLE web site to learn more about topics and dates for CTLE Faculty Enrichment Opportunities.
Students have access to several online tutorials through the CTLE web site. These tutorials were designed to enhance student skill sets in various areas such as Learning, Writing, Organizational, Research and Instructional Technology.
The CTLE also offers a variety of academic support services for all University of Scranton students. Students can obtain individual or small group peer tutoring in all academic subjects offered at the University. Students typically meet with the peer tutor(s) twice a week during the semester. It is best for students to request peer tutoring services during the first several weeks of class so that a tutor can provide assistance for the entire semester. The peer tutors direct all tutoring activity towards creating an environment that encourages and supports student learning and development. The Learning Enrichment Specialist welcomes individual consultations to help students develop academic skills by implementing an individual learning plan to meet their needs.
The CTLE collaborates with the Office of Equity and Diversity to provide academic accommodations for qualified students in accordance with the ADA. A qualified student with a disability requesting accommodations must be registered with the University's Office of Equity and Diversity. These accommodations may include extended test taking time, computer use during testing, alternative test formats and readers. It is highly recommended that students schedule a meeting with the Learning Enrichment Specialist at the beginning of the semester to discuss academic accommodations.
The CTLE Writing Center offers opportunities for students at any level of writing or in any academic discipline to become better writers. Consultants from various disciplines will work with students during any phase of the writing process such as understanding an assignment, brainstorming, planning, drafting, or revising. Students registered in distance-learning classes can also "meet" with consultants online. For details, visit In addition, the Writing Center provides several online writing skills tutorials, numerous online resources, and will offer student writing skills workshops throughout the academic year.
In September, the CTLE will offer seminars entitled "Explore the Differences Between High School and College Reading." The seminars will introduce students to effective strategies for dealing with college-level reading. The CTLE Reading Specialist also works one-on-one or in small groups with students to develop effective reading strategies.
The CTLE offers Instructional Technology assistance to faculty and students for teaching and learning purposes. Some of the services include: using Blackboard, developing/updating web pages, enhancing PowerPoint presentations and digitizing and streaming audio and video. Faculty and students interested in obtaining assistance with technology for teaching and learning purposes can contact the CTLE at x4038 to make an appointment or visit the Technology Resource Lab (STT589) between 10am-6:00pm Monday-Thursday and 9am-12pm on Friday.
The CTLE supports the online course delivery at The University of Scranton for both faculty and students. The center assists faculty members with the development of sound instructional strategies and delivery methods based on leading learning theories in the field. The center provides support for the online students in several areas: 1) Hands-on Technical Training - A technology workshop is held before the beginning of every semester and students are encouraged to attend; 2) Online Proficiency Tutorial - A Blackboard course was created to simulate the rigors of an online course and assess the students' technical skills necessary to complete an online course successfully; 3) Blackboard Tutorials - Videos that showcase the use of Blackboard areas and modules; 4) One-on-one Support - Students can contact the center via email or phone for individualized support.
Academic support services offered by the CTLE staff can be modified to meet an individual student's need. Students should request academic support services online through the CTLE web site at For further information please contact the CTLE at ext. 4038.
Aileen McHale
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