Events & Exhibits - Fall 2005

Information Literacy Grants Award

During the fall 2004 semester, Charles Kratz, Dean of the Library and Information Fluency, announced that six grants of $500.00 were available to faculty interested in working with the Reference Librarians on integrating the ACRL Information Literacy Standards into their courses. The competitive grant proposals were not to exceed two pages and were to include the following information:

  • Purpose of the grant
  • Impact the grant will have on teaching and student learning
  • Projected Timeline (Spring/Summer/Fall 2005) Courses
  • Name of Collaborative Reference Librarian
The Library Advisory Committee’s Information Literacy Sub-Committee reviewed the submitted proposals and the following were selected:
Professor Gary Kwiecinski, - Biology 255: Animal Nutrition and Metabolism. Betsey Moylan, Collaborating Librarian.
Professor Janice Voltzow – Biology 273: Marine Ecology. Katie Duke, Collaborating Librarian.
Dr. Janice Tripp, Associate Professor – Chem100: Elements of Chemistry. Katie Duke, Collaborating Librarian.
Dr. Patricia Gross, Associate Professor- Education 340: Reading in the Secondary School, Betsey Moylan, Collaborating Librarian
Professor Marian Farrell, Nursing 373: Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family. Katie Duke, Collaborating Librarian.
Harry Dammer, Associate Professor, Sociology 110: Introduction to Sociology and Criminal Justice 110: Introduction to Criminal Justice. Clara Hudson, Collaborating Librarian.
Abstracts of the proposals are located at:
Written reports will be made available at the end of each project.
Katie Duke
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