Events & Exhibits - Fall 2004

Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence

The Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence (CTLE) will be hosting several events for faculty during the fall 2004 semester. The Provost's Office in conjunction with the CTLE will sponsor for the second year the "Faculty Advancement Series" for full-time faculty. This bimonthly series highlights keynote speakers who discuss pedagogical issues to enhance teaching and learning. The CTLE also will host an "Instructional Technology Series" to address how faculty can integrate technology into their courses. This series will begin in September. In addition to the Instructional Technology Series there will be informal "Lunch and Learn" instructional technology sessions that address practical applications of technology to enhance teaching. Several intensive "Blackboard Workshops" will be offered to faculty in the fall. Please visit the CTLE Web site to learn more about topics and dates for CTLE Faculty Enrichment Opportunities.
A new initiative that will begin in the fall is a project entitled "The University of Scranton Royal Biography." The Royal Biography project will involve a senior-level faculty member sharing with a dyad of sophomores or juniors students about the history of the University. Students will write a historical essay about the University based on their extensive communication with their faculty historian. Three monetary prizes will be awarded to the students with the top essays. Student essays will be shared with the University community during a "Royal Biography Celebration" that will be held in December and sponsored by the CTLE and the Weinberg Memorial Library.
Beginning in the fall 2004 the CTLE will publish a newsletter for faculty on a biannual basis. The newsletter will highlight faculty teaching initiatives and pedagogical resources. The fall newsletter is expected to be published in mid-September. In addition, the CTLE Web site offers a variety of resources on teaching and learning for faculty. During the fall semester the information posted on the CTLE Web site will focus on learning outcomes assessment. More pedagogical resources will be added to the CTLE Web site throughout the academic year.
Beginning in the fall students will have access to several online tutorials through the CTLE Web site. These tutorials are designed to help students improve their study skills and provide strategies to enhance learning. These tutorials will help students refine their study and organizational skills to help them achieve academic success in college.
The CTLE offers a variety of academic support services for all University of Scranton students. Students can obtain peer tutoring in any academic course. Peer-tutoring sessions can be on an individual basis or in small group sessions. It is best for students to request peer tutoring services during the first several weeks of class so that a tutor can be obtained for the semester.
The CTLE Writing Center offers one-on-one writing consultation to help students become better writers. The staff of the Writing Center also can assist students in preparing essays required for graduate school admission. During the 2004-05 academic year the CTLE Writing Center will begin to offer online writing consultation for students. Online writing consultation will be very useful especially for nontraditional students or those enrolled in online courses.
Seminars for students entitled "Explore the Differences Between High School and College Reading" will be offered in early September to help students develop effective strategies for college-level reading. The CTLE Reading Enrichment Specialist also works with students one-on-one or in a small group to enhance active reading strategies. These sessions are especially helpful for University students for whom English is a Second Language.
Academic support services offered by the CTLE staff can be modified to meet an individual student's need. Students should request academic support services online through the CTLE Web site. For more information please contact Debra Busacco, CTLE Director, via email at or phone 941-4040. Please visit the CTLE Web site at to learn more about programs and services for faculty and students.
Debra Busacco, PhD
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