Information Update - Fall 2001

Library to Teach Class in New MIT

As participants in a new interdisciplinary major at The University of Scranton, the Weinberg Memorial Library faculty are currently designing a class which will be offered through the Media and Information Technology program. This new MIT major will equip students to work in careers that require both a knowledge of computer technology and effective communication skills. Career options could be in such diverse professions as web site design, multimedia technical writing and publications management.
The class which the librarians will teach is entitled E-Research: Information-Seeking Skills and Strategies. This course will concentrate on the use of the Internet for research in a variety of fields, emphasizing online research techniques and effective online search strategies. Topics covered will include the organization of information; evaluation of information from web resources; types of online information resources; online periodical databases; the use of search engines; copyright and fair use issues; and citing electronic sources. The class should allow students to develop life-long learning skills that will allow them to effectively locate and evaluate information.
Tentatively, the E-Research class will be offered in the Fall 2002 semester.
Kevin Norris
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