Research Tools - Fall 1998

Newsbank Now on the Web

A staple library resource, Newsbank, has gone the route of many electronic indexes and is now available in a world wide web version which is far superior to its former print or CD-ROM editions. Newsbank Infoweb can be accessed through the Weinberg Library's home page by clicking on the Electronic Indexes option, then scrolling down to the Newsbank option. At the present rime, only on-campus use is permitted, although remote login may be an option in the future. What makes the web version so much more versatile and up-to-date than the CD-ROM or print version is the fact that the Internet delivery provides you with same day indexing and headlines as well as full-text of the articles back to 1991. No longer is it necessary to print out your citation list, then physically move to the microfiche cabinets to retrieve your cards. But best of all, there is no need to wrestle with the microfiche reader printers to get a copy of the actual article. You may print, download, or e-mail the full content right from your PC!
For those not familiar with the Newsbank product, it is a computerized index to over 1,000 regional, national and international newspapers and newswires. There is comprehensive topical and cross-curricular coverage across a wide spectrum of scientific, health, and economic, social, historic and global issues. The new web version contains graphics, including photographs, maps, and illustrations, which were not available in the microfiche editions. Boolean operators such as "and; "or," and "not" can he used to refine your search, and phrases may he searched by putting the phrase in quotation marks. You may limit your search to a specific time period as well. Political and topographical maps for countries and states are available in the new web version.
If you have any questions about using this new and improved version of Newsbank, please stop at the Reference Desk or call x4000.
Betsey Moylan
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