Information Update - Fall 1998

A Special Thanks to Our Newest Friends

We would like to thank the newest members of the Friends of the Weinberg Memorial Library for their contributions to our library.

Ms. Wendy Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Lomma
Mr. Alfred Bachiller Jr. Mr. Dante Manganelli
Dr. Thomas Barnard Mr. John M. McCormick
Mr. John B. Beemer Ms. Stacey Megivern
Mrs. Eric Bergman Mr. Martin J. O'Connor
Ms. Patricia A. Blant Mr. Jim Parker
Mr. Bernard B. Blier Mr. & Mrs. Francis I. Pedicone
Miss Sara Bonnice Mr. Francis X. Pedicone
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel C. Cali Ms. Rebecca Pedicone
Mr. Richard J. Chmiel Miss Joan O. Peters
Mr. James E. Crass IV Mr. Eugene F. Plevyak
Ms. Gretchen Davis Mr. John Rubano
Ms. Amanda Durkan Ms. Amber Sakosky
Ms. Elena Fabbler Mr. & Mrs. Timothy G.
Ms. Andrea Farlow Dr. Stanley Stampien
Mr. Thomas J. Finnerty Dr. Donald Strasburger
Atty. &. Mrs. Terrence V. Gallagher Ms. Meg Strasburger
Dr. & Mrs. Charles R. Hartman Mr. Anthony Thornton
Mr. Richard G. Hayward Mr. William Varady Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. C. Martin Kelly Mr. William W. Young
Mr. & Mrs. Brian P. Kelly  
Pride, Passion, Promise: Experience Our Jesuit Tradition