Information Update - Fall 1998

The Library's Best Kept Secret

"Wow', I've been here for 4 years, and I didn't know this room even existed! There's some really great stuff here!" "I've worked here for 16 years, and I didn't know this was here!" "The best kept secret at the University." These are some of the oft-repeated comments from people who have just discovered the Media Resources Collection. So what are they so enthusiastic about? We have over 11,000 videos, CD-ROM, multimedia, records, and CDs to be used for research and class presentations. Included are tutorial videos on Microsoft Windows '95, Excel for Windows '95, Access for Windows '95, Access '97, Corel WordPerfect 7.0, An Introduction to the Internet, and The Internet Show: Driver's Education for the Information Superhighway.
All the MRC's holdings are listed on the Online Public Catalog and can be accessed by any networked computer on campus just as books are or via modem from you home computer. Faculty can now request videos for class use via either the electronic request form or the MRC's web page.
Students may now take music CDs and audiotapes from the Library for a 3 day period. Please note that overdue fines will accrue at $1.00 a day. Videos, however, must he used in the MRC to ensure their availability for classroom support.
For those who have been to the MRC previously, you may he surprised at the changes that have occurred during the summer and early fall. Additional shelving has been acquired to accommodate the growing collection, and a small collection of music CDs (primarily classical) has been added.
For those who until now didn't even know we existed, why not stop in and browse. We are located on the first floor of the library at the end of the hall which is to the left of the Circulation Desk.
Karen Heckman
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