Information Update - Fall 1997

A Special Thanks to Our Newest Friends

We would like to thank the newest members of the Friends of the Weinberg Memorial Library for their contributions to our library.

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Bachiller Dr. James J. O'Neil
Mr. Christopher Cordaro Mr. Robert H. Propsperi
Ms. Lauralee Davis Mr. Paul Rosenberg
Fr. Paul Fisher Ms. Georgene P. Rosengrant
Ms. Kelly Foster Ms. Irene C. Sattler
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh J. Gownley Mr. Ralph Scartelli
Ms. Deborah S. Harmer Mr. Robert Stapleton
Mr. Gadige Himabindu Dr. Frank L. Swift
Ms. Janet Janecka Mr. & Mrs. David Tressler, Sr.
Ms. Tara Krause Mr. Michael A. Vita
Mr. Claude Martin Mr. Paul J. Weir
Mr. John P. McCarthy Mr. Quintan Wiktorowicz
Pride, Passion, Promise: Experience Our Jesuit Tradition