Information Update - Fall 1997

Around the World Via the Web

American Library Association President Barbara J. Ford states: "Ours is a small world." In an effort to focus libraries' attention on "...information equity, copyright and other issues that will shape the global information infrastructure" Ford has made "Global Reach, Local Touch" the theme for her ALA Presidency ("Ford Begins Term as ALA President," Cognotes, July 1997; p. 4). The Web has been doing its part to make our world even smaller. Sites have sprung up across the world hosted by foreign companies, businesses, organizations and governments. Through these Web sites we are offered a unique opportunity to become closer to the peoples that inhabit our planet as well as address the need for information to understand the growing cultural diversity in our own country.
The following sites are just a small portion of what can be found when searching the Web. For locating specific pieces of information on international topics, I would recommend doing a search using anyone tithe various search engines available, such as Altavista, Infoseek, Excite, Hot Bot, etc.
Now without leaving your desktop, you can have access to the world.
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