Information Update - Fall 1997

From the Library Director

With the new academic year comes significant change at the Weinberg Memorial Library. During the past five years, the Library has strengthened greatly its humanities collections through the Core Undergraduate Book Collection Development Project. This project has added more than 20,000 new titles to the Library's collections and has shown the effectiveness of the Library's concept of research partnerships. A collection development team approach has brought teaching faculty and library faculty/administrators together to identify resources, plan for new acquisitions, and integrate new resources into the curriculum.
The University of Scranton's new general education curriculum, slated for implementation in the Fall of 199d provides a compass to incoming undergraduates- To support the goals of the new curriculum, the National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge grant recently awarded to the Weinberg Memorial Library provides for a unique partnership between the University of Scranton and the National Endowment for the Humanities for strengthening Library holdings in the humanities.
The majority of the funds ($1.4 million) will he plated in an endowment fund for the Weinberg Memorial Library, providing a secure source of income that will sustain the humanities as the University moves into the twenty-first century, The remainder (S [ 00,000) will be allocated for immediate expenditures in the areas of humanities curricular materials, cultural diversity, women's studies, and Judaic studies. During the 199S99 academic year, the Library will work with academic departments to identify new acquisitions in these areas and will add a part-time clerical staff member to process these new acquisitions.
Also this fall, the Weinberg Memorial Library plans to enter the world of electronic scholarly communication when it introduces three full-text journal services: the Expanded Academic ASAP (approximately 750 general, non-technical academic journals; 1000 expected by December 1997) Business ASAP (approximately 500 business journals); the IDEAL Service (approximately 175 Academic. Press Journals); and the H. W. Wilson Select Full-text Service (approximately 450 journals). Please try our new services.
Charles Kratz,
Library Director
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