Information Update - Fall 1995

Our Catalog Opens Door To Other Library Catalogs

With the new semester comes a new look to the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Memorial Library's menu. In addition to choosing two versions of our own catalog, you may now connect via Internet to library and information resources in 42 states and 20 countries right from the menu. Over the summer, Jim Morgan and Nancy Kazmierski Systems staff installed the LIBS program developed by Mark Resmer of Sonoma State (California) University which establishes the Telnet connections for you.
In addition to United States library catalogs and library catalogs around the world, the software establishes telnet connections with campus-wide information systems in 22 states and countries and free-net service to nine different service providers. The Database and Information Services menu provides access to Internet tools such as Archie, Gopher, Netfind, Panda, the Wide Area Information Server, and a non-graphical version of the World Wide Web accessible from our library terminals as well as personal computers.&
Take LIBS for a test drive by choosing 6 from the Library menu. Since the system establishes the telnet connection for you, you may want to write down the instructions for logging in and especially for logging out before you connect. Another tip: when the system says "Press Clear" that means "Press Control-Z."
If a particular library you wish to access is not available from the LIBS list, check with the Reference or Systems Departments for a possible telnet address. We'll be happy to try to locate it for you.
For added convenience, we plan to group our neighboring college, university, and public libraries under the category of local libraries. Currently Marywood College Library resources are available.
Margaret Craft
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