USC: A sustainable design

As part of the University's mission as a Jesuit university in the Catholic tradition, and our commitment to social justice, the university aims to design the USC following the guidelines for LEED silver certification.  Our university is deeply committed to sustainable design, as well as promoting a sustainable lifestyle.  Our sustainability initiatives include:

  • use of local materials (such as stone taken from local quarries)
  • maximizing the usage efficiency of each laboratory.  We follow the adage that states:
    "the greenest space that you can build is the space that you don't build".  By streamlining our design, we use less construction materials, and less energy through the life of the building
  • use of energy efficient lights and heating systems
  • recycling heat from exhaust air using a heat exchange wheel
  • use of efficient water fixtures
  • ... and many others

We will continue to update this page as more details become available.

We have a green team that is currently dedicated to designing and promoting green initiatives in our new USC.