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Service to the Local Church

St. Francis of Assisi Soup Kitchen

Over the past academic year, the University community has answered the call of the Diocese of Scranton with service to the St. Francis of Assisi Soup Kitchen on Tuesday evenings.

Volunteers serve food to families and individuals and assist with cleaning after the meal has been served. 

Service at the kitchen generally ranges from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  The Soup Kitchen is located on 500 Penn Avenue, Scranton, PA  18509. 

Please see the link to sign up for an available Tuesday.

Camp St. Andrew Service Project

In May 2014, the Jesuit Center, with the assistance of the Facilities Division at the University, conducted a service project at Camp St. Andrew in Tunkhannock.  Staff from the University gave up their weekend to refurbish a nearly 70-year-old infirmary cabin. 

The team installed an air conditioning unit, a drop ceiling, insulation, ceiling fans, new cabinets, and new furniture.   Personnel also reworked the wiring and added a fresh coat of paint to the interior.

The Jesuit Center will be seeking University volunteers to conduct another service project in the spring of 2015.