IRB Training Program

Completion of IRB-approved training is required of all persons conducting research with Human Subjects at, or in conjunction with, the University of Scranton.  If you have completed training at another institution, contact Tabbi Miller-Scandle, Director of ORSP, IMBM 200.

Training consists of a number of modules which are grouped for your ease in selecting the correct track for your research:

Form A (completion of this track qualifies only for research submitted on Form A)

Group 1 - Social & Behavioral Research

Group 2 - Biomedical Research

Group 3 - IRB members & IRB Administrator (Faculty/Staff only)

Group 4 - DRB members (Faculty/Staff only) - Counseling/HS, Health Administration/Human Resources, Occupational Therapy, Psychology

Group 5 - DRB members (Faculty/Staff only) - Nursing, Physical Therapy

Some modules are required and others are optional.  All required modules must be completed before you can move on to the optional ones.  Completion of some optional modules may be required by the IRB based on the type of research project.  For example, if you will be conducting research in a school, you will be required to complete the modules, Research with Children and Research in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools.  If you are uncertain about what group and/or modules to complete, please contact the Director of ORSP before beginning your training to be sure that you are completing all necessary modules for your research.  If you wish, you may complete all modules, required and optional.

Note:  It is not necessary to complete all of the modules in one session.  The CITI system retains your information and you can access it at any time.  Just be sure to remember your USERNAME and PASSWORD. 

A quiz follows each module.  You must attain an overall score of at least 80%.  When you have completed the entire training, please print out your completion report.  An e-mail of your completion will also automatically be sent directly to the IRB Administrator.

This online training program is offered to the University of Scranton community through a contract with the CITI (Collaborative IRB Training Initiative) program.  Click here to read about the CITI program.  University personnel and students have unlimited access, so we encourage Faculty Members to use this online training for Research Methods Classes.


Click here to start your training.  Once you have accessed the CITI website, follow these steps:

  1. Click on New Users Register Here.. 
  2. Locate the University of Scranton in the pull-down menu under Participating Institutions and click Submit.
  3. Follow the instructions to set up your username and PIN, be sure to remember this login information.  Click Submit.
  4. Enter information requested and Submit.
  5. Enter asterisk (*) fields only and Submit.
  6. Select your group and Submit.  If unsure, contact the Director of ORSP.
  7. Answer as appropriate and Submit.
  8. On the Learner's Menu Page, click on Grade Book link (in red) to begin and follow the instructions.
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