Writing Consultant Job Desription

The Writing Center

Student writing consultants are students from varied academic disciplines who possess excellent writing, speaking, and interpersonal skills. They work with students to help them become better writers.

Job Description

Qualifications Necessary in a Student Writing Consultant

  • Possession of excellent writing, speaking, and interpersonal skills
  • Completion of at least one of the following courses: WRTG 107, INT 117, PHIL 217J
  • A GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Familiarity with basic computer skills (e.g., email, MSWord, etc.)
  • Familiarity in locating and documenting reliable and credible sources

Additional Traits Necessary in a CTLE Student Writing Consultant

  • Mature
  • Dependable
  • Flexible
  • Caring and respectful
  • Trustworthy
  • Professional

Responsibilities of Student Writing Consultants

  • Assist the University in its mission to help create an environment that encourages and supports student learning and development.
  • Work with student writers and their texts to help them become familiar with the techniques that successful writers use to plan, draft, revise, and edit written documents.
  • Assess attitudes about writing and set goals for consultations
  • Maintain accurate records
  • Keep necessary paperwork up to date
  • Participate in training workshops and staff meetings
  • Assist in special projects as needed

Student Writing Consultants will not:

  • Draft papers
  • Revise papers
  • Correct papers
  • Edit papers
  • Proofread papers

Instead, they will help student writers learn to manage these important tasks themselves.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Student Writing Consultant, contact Mary Burkhart, the Writing Center Coordinator.


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