Brochures available to faculty & students

Student Brochures:

  • Academic Support Servicesplus or minus

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  • Reading Servicesplus or minus

    Reading Services

    Reading Services Because students spend about 80% of their study time in reading, the CTLE offers Reading Services to assist students develop efficient and purposeful reading and study skills.
  • Students with Disabilitiesplus or minus

    Students with Disabilities

    Students with Disabilities The CTLE provides academic accommodations, such as extended test-taking time, for students with documented disabilities in accordance with the ADA.
  • Technology Servicesplus or minus

    Technology Services

    Technology Services CTLE TechCons can assist students with the use of technology in learning such as ANGEL Navigation, e-Portfolios, and webpage development.
  • Tutoring Servicesplus or minus

    Tutoring Services

    Tutoring Services The CTLE offers Peer Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, Drop-in Tutoring Labs, and Online Tutorials to enrich your academic experience.
  • Writing Centerplus or minus

    Writing Center

    Writing Center CTLE Writing Center Consultants will work with students on all aspects of writing, either in person or online, for one or for several sessions in order to accomplish their goals.