Study Abroad in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, or Portugal

We strongly encourage students enrolled in either the Latin American Studies concentration or major to study abroad.  Likewise, we also invite students who choose to study in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain or Portugal to consider enrolling in a Latin American Studies program.  Students from the University of Scranton who study in these regions/countries are especially suited to the Latin American Studies, since courses taken at foreign universities in history, politics, language, literature, religion, philosophy, and other academic disciplines might be applicable to our major or concentration.   

Prior to travel abroad, students should consult with the Director of Latin American Studies for guidance and preapproval of study abroad courses so that you can be sure that you are on track to graduate when you return home. 

The Latin American Studies program is designed to advance students' awareness and understanding of Latin America. It seeks to provide both broad, general knowledge of the entire Latin American region, and in-depth knowledge of specific countries, regional groupings of countries, and cultures both dominant and marginal. The program is open to all majors and it consists of courses from a variety of disciplines with a primary focus on Latin America.

Students who wish to study for 1 semester or a full academic year abroad should contact the International Programs and Services Office for more information.

For students desiring a study abroad experience in a shorter timeframe, The Latin American Studies program currently offers two short-term study abroad programs during January Intersession.  This is an economical option, since the University of Scranton offers these courses at the discounted tuition rate of 1 credit per 3 credits, thus helping to offset the costs of travel.    

1)      LAWS 395:  Women and Development in Latin America.  3 credits, offered every 2 years in January.  Students have the opportunity to travel to a location in Latin America (in recent years we have been traveling to rural Huehuetla, Mexico in the Sierra mountains) to learn from indigenous women’s economic cooperatives.  No Spanish language pre-requisites.

2)      Puebla, Mexico Program.  6 credits (January 2014).  This program combines a 3 week homestay with a Mexican family, with historical and cultural tours of Puebla and other sites in Mexico and intensive study.  Students take 30 hours of instruction in Spanish and 30 hours of instruction in contemporary Mexican culture and politics at Universidad Iberoamericana.  Please click here for complete details.