University Governance Council

The University Governance Council (UGC) is one of the representative groups involved in University governance.  The group is formed by representatives from each of the University's three senates - Student Senate, Faculty Senate, and Staff Senate - and is convened by the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, the University administrator with responsibility for coordinating governance activities.  The work of the UGC is supported by the Office of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness, which has responsibility for institutional policy processes. The UGC reviews and makes recommendations regarding institutional policies, and serves as a communication venue for broader governance issues and a venue for collaboration between the three representative senates.  The Provost serves as a liaison between the UGC and the University's President's Cabinet.

The presidents of each senate, along with the Provost and the Assistant Vice Provost for Planning & Institutional Effectiveness, for the UGC's Executive Committee. 

UGC Membership: 2015-16

Dr. Donald Boomgaarden, Provost; UGC Convener; UGC Liaison to President's Cabinet
Mr. David Bigley, Student Senate
Dr. Douglas Boyle,* Faculty Senate
Mr. Steven Graefe, Student Senate
Dr. Marian Farrell, Faculty Senate
Ms. Caitlyn Hollingshead, Staff Senate
Mr. Christopher Kilner,* Student Senate
Ms. Dominique Liuzzo, Student Senate
Mr. Mark Murphy, Staff Senate
Ms. Pauline Palko, Staff Senate
Dr. Robert Spalletta, Faculty Senate
Dr. Illeana Szymanski, Faculty Senate
Mr. Joe Wetherell,* Staff Senate
* indicates individual is president/chair of their respective senate.

UGC Support Staff:

Ms. Kate Yerkes, Assistant Vice Provost for Planning & Institutional Effectiveness

Ms. Linda Walsh, Assistant to the Provost

University Governance Council Statement of Purpose