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Scranton Stories Oral History Interviews will be released in fall 2023!
Scranton Stories Oral History Interviews will be released in fall 2023!

The story collection process, including "I Am Scranton" profiles and oral history interviews, will highlight various Scranton individuals, giving voice to a wide array of Scranton experiences and including underrepresented communities.

The stories will explore themes of belonging and displacement; faith, family and community; and the place of citizens and community members in making change in the context of Scranton and American history.  

The story collection project is rooted in the central place that diverse human stories play in the humanities, and is critical to the goal of sharing Scranton’s stories as archetypal of other stories representing the many American experiences.

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Sharing Your Scranton Story

"Scranton Stories" is a part of the "Scranton's Story, Our Nation's Story" project focused on collecting the many diverse experiences and perspectives that make up the city of Scranton, what it means to be a "Scrantonian," and what hopes the people of Scranton have as we look to both the future of our city and the nation's upcoming 250th anniversary.

As a community, we have so much to share and you can submit your own Scranton story via our online form. 

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"The one true democracy we have is storytelling. It goes across borders, boundaries, genders, wealth, race -- everyone has a story to tell."

The Sharing Scranton Stories Oral History Collection project is additionally supported by the Lackawanna Heritage Valley and the Scranton Area Community Foundation.