Sharing Scranton Stories Submission Form

"Scranton Stories" is a part of the "Scranton's Story, Our Nation's Story" project focused on collecting the many diverse experiences and perspectives that make up the city of Scranton, what it means to be a "Scrantonian," and what hopes the people of Scranton have as we look to both the future of our city and the nation's upcoming 250th anniversary.

As a community, we have so much to share and you can submit your own Scranton story in the form below.

Please use the questions provided here to help guide as you share your own Scranton Story:

  • How do you understand your identity as a Scrantonian?
  • What are your hopes for the city of Scranton?
  • Do you feel that Scranton is your true “home”? Why or why not?
  • What about Scranton's story makes it our nation's story?

Submissions will be shared on the “Scranton’s Story, Our Nation’s Story” website. Some stories may also be shared to the “Scranton’s Story” social media accounts and/or archived in the project database.


Submission Guidelines:

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