Scranton's Story
Our Nation's Story

Scranton's Story

Our Nation's Story

Through the course of this project, we will  explore the aspirational journey to fulfill our national ideals through the lens of Scranton, Pennsylvania, an iconic American city that has experienced many of the key elements of our nation’s experience: industrial era growth and decline, waves of immigration past and present, and Black and Indigenous experiences.

Programs in a variety of formats will cover eight distinct themes and engage participants in discussions and story-sharing about founding debates, local and national identity, and our role as citizens in a democracy.


Beginning April 2023 - Scranton's Religious Tapesty: Past and Present

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Scranton Stories History Project

This project also includes an oral history project, which will collect and curate an estimated 25 stories to include a wide variety of Scrantonians, pop-up story collections at Scranton community events throughout the summer and fall 2022, an "I am Scranton" social media campaign, and the opportunity for YOU to share your own Scranton Story. 

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The project is led by The University of Scranton together with community partners and supported by a generous Humanities Discussions grant from The National Endowment for the Arts.

Project Themes

Scranton Stories

This oral history project will collect and curate an estimated 25 stories to include a wide variety of Scrantonians - recent and longstanding immigrants. Black Americans, descendants of anthracite coal miners, religious and ethnic majority and minority groups - reflecting on local identity and connecting to our nation's story.

Featured Event

Caminemos con Jesús:

Incarnating Hispanic/Latinx Theology in Song

Wed, Apr 19 - 7:00 PM
Madonna Della Strada Chapel, The University of Scranton

Humanities Lecture & Musical Reflection featuring Tony Alonso