Media Information Technology

Electronic communication has significantly changed the world in many ways. Virtually all aspects of communication within and between institutions and corporations are affected by the need to provide information in multiple media. As the fields of computers and communication have come together, they have created the need for a new type of educational preparation. No longer do we look only to print documents and to oral presentations as the way to convey information. Rather, there is a great need for people who are knowledgeable in both the technical aspects and the communication aspects of this new paradigm.

Our program builds on the strengths of several departments at the University to produce a program that has strength in all its parts. Starting with Physics/Electrical Engineering to provide a careful look at the science of communication, we add the support of the Computing Sciences to provide programming tools and network expertise. To the student’s understanding of the science and the languages of computers, we add the practical and theoretical skills of the Communication Department to produce effective multimedia specialists. The student may add additional writing courses from the English Department. In addition to courses in the major, the student will develop a content area in another discipline and will be required to produce a major project in this area. This culminating project will demonstrate practical experience as well as theoretical knowledge.

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