Dining Services to Offer New Meal Plans

The University of Scranton Dining Services is unveiling new meal plan options for the 2011-12 academic year. The additional plans focus on providing University students more flexibility, while maintaining the same quality, value and convenience.

While the University’s previous meal options – or “standard” plans – will continue, the new meal options – or “plus” plans – offer the same number of meals, but the choice to add an additional $100 of flex dollars to each plan.

Flex dollars are funds set up in a student’s meal plan account that can be used like cash for purchases in any dining services location, including Java City, Hyland Hall or the C-Store, the convenient store on the first floor of the DeNaples Center. Unlike money placed on Royal Cards, flex dollars can only be used at dining services locations.

The standard plans of 10, 14 and unlimited meals will provide $260, $180 and $70 of flex dollars, respectively. However, the new plus plans permit students to add another $100 of flex dollars to their accounts. Essentially, students who utilize the new plus meal plans pay an additional $100 for an extra $100 of flex dollars.

During 2011-12 school year the standard plans will cost $1,797 for the 10-meal plan, $2,176 for the 14-meal plan, and $2,575 for the unlimited plan. The new plus meal plans will cost $1,897 for 10 meals, $2,276 for 14 meals, and $2,675 for unlimited meals. 

Resident freshmen are still required to buy the unlimited meal plan, but now have the option of the standard or plus plans. Resident students (in suite-style housing) are also required to buy a meal plan, but now have the flexibility of six options. Resident students living in Mulberry, Madison and various houses are not required to purchase a meal plan. 

As always, all other students may participate in any of the offered meal plans. 

Intersession meal plans are unaffected by the new plus meal options.

Guest meals will remain the same with participants in the 10, 14 and unlimited meal plans receiving 18, 12 and six guest passes per semester, respectively.

Students participating in a meal plan may use a meal during any of the following four meal times: breakfast, lunch/brunch, dinner or late night. Meals may be redeemed at the Fresh Food Company, located on the third floor of the DeNaples Center, for an “all-you-can-eat-meal, or the Food Court, located on the DeNaples Center’s first floor, for a limited meal. The limited meal selections are allowed up to the cash equivalency.

Upon completion of the Mulberry Street Apartment and Fitness Complex in fall 2011, only students on the 10- and 14-meal plans — both standard and plus – will be able to redeem a meal at the new facility’s dining locations. Students with unlimited meal plans – both standard and plus – will not be allowed a meal exchange. Additionally, students may only use or redeem a meal at lunch and dinner. The facility is expected to be open after dinner hours (beginning at 8:15 p.m.), but not for meal exchange or cash equivalency.

For more information about the University’s Dining Services, visit www.scranton.campusdish.com.