Changes to Campus Parking


Members of the University Community,

In May, the University broke ground for a new unified science center that supports the education of every student enrolled at Scranton.  The largest capital project in our history, the science center is set to begin full construction in the coming weeks.  The project includes renovations to the Harper-McGinnis Wing of St. Thomas Hall and new construction to be located on the St. Thomas Hall Parking Lot. 

The closure of the St. Thomas Hall parking lot for this vital project has prompted the University to implement changes to our campus parking policies at the same time that we have developed new parking areas immediately adjacent to campus.  The St. Thomas Hall parking lot will close at on Sunday, Oct. 25, following Open House. 

Parking Changes for Resident Students

Beginning on Monday, October 26, 2009, resident students with University parking permits must park in one of three designated ‘R’ lots during the normal academic week, Monday through Friday.  After 4:30 p.m. on Friday, resident students may park in any University parking lot for the entire weekend until midnight Sunday, after which vehicles must be returned to the Resident Parking Lots. 

The parking areas designed exclusively for resident students are:

Quincy Parking Lot, located at the corner of Quincy Avenue and Vine Street, which was expanded by more than 20 spaces;

All five parking lots in the 1200 block of Linden Street near Linden Plaza apartments; and

Fitzpatrick Field Parking Lot located on Laurel Line Drive next to Fitzpatrick Field.


Resident Student Parking Lots are clearly designated with ‘R’ signage placed at the lot entrance. We have installed lighting and emergency telephones at all of these locations for your safety. The Fitzpatrick Field parking lot also includes four video cameras that are monitored in Public Safety and an emergency telephone. In the near future, it will include an enclosed waiting station that will be equipped with a Royal Card swipe entrance and emergency telephone. A Safety Escort can be requested from any of the Resident Student Parking lots by dialing 7888 on the key pad of the emergency phone.

A map of the Resident Student Parking Lots is provided at the following link:

Parking Changes for Faculty

The closure of the St. Thomas Hall lot displaces a number of reserved spaces for faculty.  We have identified replacement spaces in the following locations:

Parking Pavilion – the right side of the ramp from level three to four;

All spaces behind the Long Center;

The lot to the left of 333 Madison Avenue across from Brennan Hall; and 

One space in O’Hara Hall Parking Lot.

Parking Changes for Staff and Commuting Students

All other campus lots (excluding Resident Student Lots) remain open to parking for commuters and staff.  The University has developed a new lot along Ridge Row that includes 134 spaces. Vehicles enter the lot from an access road near the Royal Tennis Courts along Ridge Row. A stairway on the north side of the lot provides a pedestrian path to Ridge Row at the rear of the Byron Complex. Students and staff need to be cautious while using this path because it crosses an active rail line. This new lot includes lighting, security cameras and an emergency phone.

The changes noted above for resident student parking will create additional space in other campus lots, especially those located on Madison Avenue. A 24-space lot will open shortly on the corner of Webster Avenue and Linden Street.

In advance, we thank you for adjusting your parking patterns as the University begins this important project, one that will transform our campus for decades to come.


Edward Steinmetz, Vice President for Finance/Treasurer

Vincent Carilli, Vice President for Student Affairs

Robert Farrell, Esq., Director of Community Relations