This Month in Our History - April

April 4, 1938 – Dr. Felix Gatz, director of the music department of The University of Scranton, stages the opera, Parsifal, at the Masonic Temple


April 1939 - Professor Felix M. Gatz arranged for the University to host the first American Congress of Aesthetics


April 19, 1939 - Golden Jubilee Celebration

"The Brothers were celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the University~ dating it from the year of the laying of the cornerstones 1888. They had planned to have the celebration in 1938, but due to postponements it was held on April 19, 1939.

On the morning of April 19, 1939 there was a pontifical high mass in St. Peter's Cathedral to start off the celebration. The Most Reverend John A. Duffy, Bishop of Buffalo, delivered the sermon at the jubilee mass which 600 students, 56 faculty members, delegations of alumni, delegations from Marywood and Misericordia; and many priests attended. Most Reverend William J. Hafey celebrated the mass. In the evening a Golden Jubilee dinner was held at the Hotel Casey. More than 250 members of the alumni, faculty, trustees, and friends of the institution attended. The dinner cost $4.00 per plate, but was well worth it for Monsignor 0’Connor and Frank C. Walker, member of the board of trustees of the University of Scranton, and later Postmaster General of the United States, spoke while Honorable T. Linus Hoban was the toastmaster.

The University had advanced greatly in fifty years, but it still had a long way to go and many, many storms to weather before it would dock in a safe and sure harbor. The Christian Brothers had done a tremendous job -in conjunction with the Bishops, clergy, and laymen - in keeping it afloat. They would continue to do so for three more years."

Excerpt from “A History of The University of Scranton, (1888 – 1942), by Rev. James J. Gormley, S.J., WML Digital Collections

April 21, 1972 - Fulbright Fellowships

In April 1972, the Institute of International Education announced the University of Scranton’s first Fulbright Fellowship winners: Gerald Mulderig and John Rock.

April 1976 – Visit from Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa visited the University of Scranton for the first time in the spring of 1976 as part of an international tour to gather support for her work among the poor in India. During her visit, University President Rev. William J. Byron, S.J. awarded her the La Storta Medal for Human service, following a talk she gave in the Long Center to the Sisters of the Scranton Diocese. She also received a key to the city of Scranton from Mayor Eugene Peters. Mother Teresa returned to Scranton in 1987 to receive an honorary degree from President Rev. J. A. Panuska, S.J.

April 4, 2004 - Hope Horn Gallery Dedicated

The University's Hope Horn Art Gallery, located in Hyland Hall, was dedicated in April 2004. Hope Horn, a vibrant and defining force in the arts community of Scranton for more than 50 years, had bequeathed her estate to the University to promote art and music education.

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