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Royal News is an electronic publication produced throughout the year for The University of Scranton community by the External Affairs Office. It highlights University, student, faculty and staff news and events. Distributed via email on Wednesdays, the e-newsletter is sent to all students, faculty and staff, as well as interested parents. On the first Wednesday of the month, the e-newsletter includes alumni news, and is distributed to alumni who opt-in.

To subscribe to Royal News or to submit an announcement, email royalnews@scranton.edu. All submissions must be received by Friday at 5 p.m. for inclusion the following Wednesday.

News items for Royal News can also be mailed to our physical address, 800 Linden Street, Scranton, PA, 18510. Please address to the attention of "Royal News, University Editor."

Royal News 101: Where Does Your News Item Go?

In our Royal News e-newsletter, there are five main content areas/sections for University-released and submitted news items. (See chart below, or click here!)

1. News Releases

The top portion of Royal News is reserved for University press releases from the External Affairs Office and major news stories submitted to Royal News. The releases are categorized by topic, and can be browsed – by topic – within the nearby dropdown box.

2. Announcements

Announcements are news items submitted to the Royal News editor highlighting past events, initiatives, new services and general news information. (Examples: An overview of a service trip, or a preview, recap or RSVP announcement of a significant event.) NOTE: This section is not for standard on-campus events such as weekly meetings or club activities. Like News Releases, announcement scan be searched, but instead of topics, items are sorted by audience (General, Students, Faculty & Staff, and Alumni).

3. Royal News Events 

Royal News Events are for everyday, on-campus events such as lectures, film presentations, activities and meetings. When you click on “View All Events,” users are linked to a Royal News calendar, listing all submitted events. This calendar listing is generated from the University’s Calendar. The benefit of using the University's Calendar is contributors can submit and edit their own news, and the calendar allows users to access a multitude of social media sharing links.

NOTE: Regularly occurring events – on a daily or weekly basis – can be submitted as a single announcement during the first issue of the month, outlining all events during the next four weeks. This will allow the Royal News Events calendar to be more condensed.

4. Billboard Events

Billboard Events are major on-campus events (Orientations, Preview Days, major performances, etc.) pulled from the University’s Calendar. These events are selected and published by the Media Relations Office and University Calendar editors.

5. Royal Making Headlines

This section includes a list of links to news articles from newspapers, websites and other media that contain information we feel is of interest to Royal News readers. These items include anything from an alumni garnering recognition to an article highlighting a campus event, activity or faculty member. To submit a news item, email royalnews@scranton.edu.


Royal News 101: Other Features

6. Featured Videos

This section promotes two featured videos from the University’s YouTube Channel, www.youtube.com/universityofscranton

7. Be Social!

If you haven’t visited the University’s social media hub, you need to check it out at www.scranton.edu/connect.

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