What Have We Done So Far?

Community Awareness

Units at The University of Scranton have to date been actively engaged in sustainability efforts, most of which do not get the attention of the campus community. Here is what the University has done so far.


Sustainability on The University of Scranton Campus

Sustainability Task Force Supports End of Year Drive

Twenty-five students volunteered their time to organize an end-of-year drive in May 2007, collecting everything from nonperishable food and toiletries to clothing and household items from residence halls and theme houses across campus, as well as off-campus student residences. Through the Drive, sponsored by the Community Outreach Office, and supported by the University's Task Force on Sustainability, students collected and donated truckloads of goods to local service organizations and charities. Blankets, rugs, quilts and household items were donated to United Neighborhood Centers. Toys and books were donated to the local Head Start Program and were taken on international service programs to donate to children in need. Clothing was donated to the local migrant worker population associated with Our Lady of Snows Church, Student organizers stayed on campus after the spring semester to collect, sort and clean collected items. The Task Force on Sustainability provided funding to assist the students who organized the Drive.

Community Education

To date, parts of the University community have tried to educate constituencies regarding the importance of this issue. Some of the efforts include:

  • Student Activities - The Eco Club, as part of its annual programming, hosts events that highlight environmental and sustainability issues across the campus.
  • Faculty Activities - Various faculty members have written and presented papers on sustainability at national and international conferences and workshops.
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