JKWC Staff Members

  The Jane Kopas Women's Center is currently staffed by an Assistant Director of the Cultural Centers, a Graduate Assistant, work study students, and student interns.

Maria Marinucci, Assistant Dean for the Cultural Centers

Maria MarinucciMaria Marinucci serves as the Assistant Dean for the Cultural Centers, after spending five years as the Director.  Maria first joined the University of Scranton in June 2014 as the Assistant Director for Residence Education, overseeing Residential Learning Communities.  

Maria very much enjoys connecting with students and helping them explore who they are, who they wish to become, and their place within the world, and tries to do so both individually and by offering students the opportunity to engage in praxis.  Her overall goal is to promote inclusion and justice for all on campus and beyond, collaborating with partners across campus to identify and implement strategies for institutional efforts toward this objective.  She deeply appreciates being able to dialogue with students and others in the community about feminism, gender equity, advocacy, and inclusion, and consistently seeks ways to expand the Centers' outreach and work on campus.

Feel free to stop in and see Maria in DeNaples 205S or contact her at maria.marinucci@scranton.edu.  

Brandice Ricciardi, Assistant Director for the Cultural Centers


Brandice first joined the University in August of 2014 as a faculty specialist in the Counseling and  Human Services Department. Diversity, equity, inclusion and the creation of safe spaces have    long been in her mind and heart as a professional  counselor, however, the opportunity to serve as a  counselor educator and engage with students as  they learn and grow was a career shift that deeply  impacted Brandice’s path. Brandice genuinely appreciates forming  connections with students and cultivating an atmosphere that students can work to develop a deeper awareness and appreciation of their own cultures, identities, and experiences and recognize how they shape their views of the world and of others.
Brandice joined the Cultural Centers team in August of 2022, and directly oversees the Jane Kopas Women’s Center. Her goal as one of the assistant directors of the Cultural Centers is to empower students to explore issues related to gender equity, advocacy, inclusion and justice. Brandice very much enjoys working collaboratively with the Multicultural Center to provide co-curricular education that combines academics and activism. Brandice is committed to fostering inclusive campus communities by helping students develop professional leadership skills to raise awareness as they engage these issues with self-determination, as allies and agents of change. brandice.ricciardi@scranton.edu


Samantha Gurn, Graduate Assistant


Area of Study: Master of Business Administration with a Concentration in Marking (Sam studied Marketing with English and Theatre minors and a concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies in undergrad)

Why I work in the JKWC:  I work in the JKWC because I am a firm supporter of equality for all and I think our office makes our campus a more just and equitable place.

Chanel Delgado, Student Staff



Areas of Study: Criminal Justice

Why I work in the JKWC:  I want to build, support, and experience a comfortable, inclusive campus community. The JKWC is the perfect place for me to be an advocate for change!

Social Movements/Themes I am Especially Interested In: Celebrating Cultures, Identities, Beliefs, and Experiences

Ariana Flores, Student Staff


Areas of Study: Counseling and Human Services

Why I work in the JKWC:  The JKWC is such a welcoming environment, and I can’t wait to plan events where I can educate and spread awareness on current issues that aren’t discussed enough.

Social Movements/Themes I am Especially Interested In: Gender Equity

Romina Gamarra, Student Staff


Areas of Study: Counseling and Human Services

Why I work in the JKWC:  My goal is to be able to advocate for people's rights here on campus, regardless of race, identity, background, class, religion, culture, gender and/or ethnicity, and I know the JKWC is the right place to do just that!

Social Movements/Themes I am Especially Interested In: Political and Social Equity

Mackenzie Longo, Student Staff


Areas of Study: Occupational Therapy Major with Psychology Minor and Lifespan Development Concentration

Why I work in the JKWC: 
I work in the JKWC because I love to educate others and vocalize my views in a respectful way. The JKWC is an incredibly supportive and fun place to be involved with.

Social Movements/Themes I am Especially Interested In:  I
am focusing on Healthy Relationships with Self and Others. I am most interested in gender equity and equality, intersectionality, sustainability and self-acceptance.



Mei Lin McElhill, Student Staff


Area of Study: Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Class of 2023

Why I work in the JKWC: I love the Center’s supportive environment and the Center challenges me to grow in learning + leadership. Working with the center has given me the opportunity to connect with students on campus with similar passions such as equity, justice, and advocacy.


Social Movements/Themes I am Especially Interested In: Political equity/social justice & race, racism, & racial justice

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