Student Publications Board

The University of Scranton's Student Publications Board exists for the following purposes:

  • to assure that the official editorial position of a student publication respects the Mission Statement of the University of Scranton and responsible freedom of expression. A student publication is free to present a forum in which varying religious, cultural, philosophical, and intellectual ideals are expressed within the framework of its charter.
  • to assure that the likelihood of damages to the University through the actions of publications is minimized.
  • to assure that qualified students serve as editors-in-chief of publications.
  • to assure that publication staff members adhere to appropriate codes of ethics in fulfilling the responsibilities of their staff positions.

The Student Publications Board is comprised of a professional staff member, three faculty members, two students, a professional media representative and an alumni representative. The Board meets as often as necessary to assure quality oversight of the student publications. Minimally, the Board convenes once during the fall semester and once during the spring semester each year.

Each year, during the spring semester, the Board seeks, screens and selects candidates to serve in the following paid leadership positions for the upcoming academic year:

  • The Aquinas: Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor
  • Esprit: Editor-in-Chief and Production Manager
  • The Windhover: Editor-in-Chief and Assistant Editor