Orientation Leadership

The Orientation program at The University of Scranton offers two significant, fun, and rewarding leadership opportunities to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.

Orientation Team Leader

To become an Orientation Team Leader (OTL), a student must go through a competitive application and interview process in the fall months preceding orientation. The student must be an Orientation Assistant (OA) with at least 1 completed term of service, be available for the entire summer and intercession, have excellent communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills, and be dedicated to the overall mission of the Orientation program as well as The University of Scranton. After the student has filled out an application, they face a two part interview. The first interview is a one-on-one with the Director of the Center for Student Engagement and the second is with a panel of staff and administration. This process generally begins in September and is completed by October.

An OTL's commitment lasts a full year (October to October). Working alongside the Director and Assistant Director of the Center for Student Engagement, the responsibilities of the OTL(s) vary from choosing the newest Orientation team for the next summer, creating a retreat and training program for the OAs, planning and facilitating summer and spring/winter transfer orientations, and much more. The OTL(s) should have a positive attitude, the willingness to work behind the scenes without much recognition and a commitment to being a positive role model and mentor. Overall, an OTL must understand that their role is meant to ‘leave the best behind for others' and increase the success of the Orientation program for years to come.

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Orientation Assistants

An Orientation Assistant (OA) begins their tenure in November after a competitive application and interview process. An OA experiences two interviews, the first is with an Orientation Team Leaders (OTL) and either the Director or Assistant Director of the Center for Student Engagement and the second interview is a group interview with fellow students that are going through the application process as well. The group interview is facilitated by the OTL(s) and is only for students that have never served as an OA.

OAs can serve for up to three consecutive years but must complete the application process every year. In order to be an OA, the student must be energetic, motivated, understanding, and dedicated to the mission of the program and The University of Scranton. In addition to skills, an OA must be available for the retreat the weekend before the start of second semester, training sessions every other Friday for two hours, at least two sessions for Orientation in the summer, and Fall Welcome Weekend/Transfer Orientation.

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