Room Change Request Process

Room Change Process

The Office of Residence Life must approve all room changes for on-campus housing.  A student who would like to request a room change must fill out the Room Change Request Form.  The form must be complete and have the approval of the students current roommate, Resident Assistant, and Area Coordinator before the Residence Life Office will consider the change.
If a room change request is approved, the student requesting to move will be contacted by Residence Life to schedule an appointment to process the request.  Room Changes are only to be done on Fridays.  Students must complete their move within 48 hours and return their old room key to the Residence Life by the following Monday at 8:30 AM.  Failure to return the old room key by the deadline will result in the moving student getting charged $30.00 for a lock change to be completed on  their old room lock.
Students who change rooms without written permission from the Residence Life Office will be fined $100.00 and be subject to additional disciplinary action; even if the change is within the same suite or apartment.
If you know who you want to live with:
  • Download the room change form (below)
  • Meet with your RA and/or AC
  • Bring signed form to Residence Life
  • A request received after Wednesday will not be processed until the following week
If you do not know who you want to live with, email us to schedule a meeting to discuss open rooms.

Submitting a room change request does not guarantee approval.  Moving without approval and issue of a new key will result in a $100 fine, documentation on disciplinary record and you may be forced to move back to your original room.

Open Room Change

September 9 through October 4th,  in the fall
2nd week of classes through the end of February, in the spring
Room changes outside of the Open Room Change Period will be assessed a fee of $30.00.  The fee will be charged to the account of the student requesting the room change.  During the Open Room Change Period there is no fee assessed for a room change period when all appropriate steps are followed.

Room Change Request Form

Room Change Request Form